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Project 3

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Project 3

A glance into the kitchen, located between the living and dining areas, shows that this indispensable space has been created to keep everything in order.

That is the secret in every house. This essential kitchen element can be designed individually, either small or large, with the option of a storage space where you can keep everything that would be lying around otherwise. Even if you do not choose the comprehensive “Essential Living” solution, it is easy to create a perfectly concealed space. Whether it is a storage area or a workspace where a laundry room can be integrated, nothing will get in the way of your tidy home.

Design in Ticino

Podium has always dealt with custom furniture projects by focusing on combining technical with functional precision, innovation of forms with space innovation, in order to produce not only equipment and furniture but new conceptions of environments where to cook and live.

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The interior of the living cabinet complex offers additional space for a second sink, storage space for the ironing surface in the laundry room or additional electrical devices like a wine cooler, and much more. We offer a custom solution for every customer need.