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Project 2

It’s not only the way we live and work that is subject to change - technologies for the modern kitchen are also constantly being developed.

While there is a trend in all international metropolises to reduce the living area in houses and apartment buildings, one thing continues to stay the same: the desire to share and maintain communal eating rituals. Nowadays, we have very little time for cooking. Foodies who don’t want to miss out on the joy of eating and want to be prepared for surprise visitors trust in the new concept of cooking simple meals. The design adapts to new lifestyle habits. Varnished, glossy, and matte. When the kitchen is not being used, it quickly disappears behind an architectural wall that is very easy to open and close. Nor is there anything lacking: neither electrical appliances nor comfort.

Design in Ticino

Podium has always dealt with custom furniture projects by focusing on combining technical with functional precision, innovation of forms with space innovation, in order to produce not only equipment and furniture but new conceptions of environments where to cook and live.

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