La cucina ticinese

 Podium live: 100% natural and ecological

Nature’s best and modern, robust materials dominate the style of a home. A concept in the name of a willingness to experiment and innovation: The daring combinations and the clear, convincing style are the results of continuous research.

The concept reinterprets the two most important aspects in a kitchen connected to the living area – sharing experiences and continuity – in a highly exclusive manner. The use of  slate stone on fabric resin, a fiberglass countertop, and ecological plywood create a minimalis environment and everything is in harmonious balance with the outdoor living space. The material aspect of the slate and the INOX countertop fit seamlessly with the design of the island. Metal strips and profiles can be selected in different designs, qualities, and colors to ideally adapt the kitchen to the customer’s personal taste, the desired atmosphere, and the surroundings. The appearance resembles a naturally formed rock slab. Facestone has a fine and uniform grain created by metamorphic stone derived from original sedimentary rocks made up of clay and volcanic ash. The result is a sheet of natural rock with an ever-changing color due to the various layers of stone it is made up of.

A complex production

A complex production procedure makes it possible for a layer of just a few millimeters of rock to be sliced off which, by being bonded with polyester and fiberglass, becomes solid and compact.

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