La cucina ticinese

The new concept of the hidden kitchen.

Here, in this large old house with high, renovated interiors and modern, carefully selected surfaces that enhance the architectural elements of the ancient construction, the decision was made to install an innovative kitchen.

The inner part of the island bends ergonomically around the person working in the kitchen like a crescent moon, which makes it easier to use the pullout elements. This is also an ideal solution for living floors with reduced living space and wherever you want to dine in the company of your loved ones. The new concept of the hidden kitchen is perfectly suited for all those unwilling to forgo the joy of cooking for themselves, for friends, or for guests. When it is not being used and the doors are closed, the kitchen instantly looks perfectly cleaned up and neat. As soon as you open the doors, the kitchen offers every conceivable comfort with its wall of appliances and the additional countertop where you can prepare breakfast, for example. The doors can be opened very easily by sliding them to the side.

Penthouse Apartment

Luxury Apartment + di 100 m2. Discreteness, design, luxurious details, and technology. The renovation of a historic house revolutionizes the concept of traditional furniture.

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The details speak for themselves

They show in particular the perfection with which furniture is manufactured at Podium. These details also provide an insight into the abilities and experience used to refine the wood by bending it in such a way that this unique furniture looks exactly as desired. It’s no secret: The world of wood processing has an especially pleasant smell. Visit us and experience the production of Podium Industries first hand.