La cucina ticinese

Curves also have
real functions

One of the elements that Podium live focuses on is “curved lines”. This is a solution that takes up the form of the elements and breaks classic parallel lines.

The curved line layout gives the environment of this unique item a soft touch. It changes the perspective of the kitchen design and detaches us from the tendency to think in modules rather than products. Products have properties and potential, which are often not expressed sufficiently in a simple module. Aside from aesthetic qualities, curves also have real functions. For example, a kitchen with an arched pantry or an integrated washing or drying space offers additional dimensions. It also provides perfect ergonomics and makes an otherwise simple flat wall optically appealing and harmonious. These values are also reflected in the sink unit, which is adapted to the design of the worktop, creating this unique, highly customized island with a personal touch.

Onda project

The “Onda” project adapts to rooms with extraordinary dimensions. It is perfectly made to measure, just as you would expect from Podium live. High-quality individual solutions for all types of wood, plywood, melamine, glass, metal and other materials based on any design or modern style desired.

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