La cucina ticinese

Miniature kitchen

Exclusive concept for using the available space. This miniature kitchen fulfills all the needs of those who live there.

In order to make optimal use of every inch of the room, the wall cabinets have lift doors on the outside in the parlor and sliding doors on the inside and have pullout shelves in the corners. The oven, refrigerator, and Magic Corner for supplies are located in the tall cabinets. The design makes the room unique with an opening to the living room and with a tabletop at the same height of the countertop in the dining area. This brings the light from the main window into the kitchen. The lifting doors make it easier to remove the dishes. Material: Fenix anti-fingerprint acrylic glass.

Design in Ticino

Podium has always dealt with custom furniture projects by focusing on combining technical with functional precision, innovation of forms with space innovation, in order to produce not only equipment and furniture but new conceptions of environments where to cook and live.

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