La cucina ticinese


The central island composition is characterized by the fact that the countertop and tabletop meet at different heights. This integrates the curved countertop optically into the kidney-shaped breakfast table. A striking feature is the table leg, a creative and masterfully handcrafted design element that is shaped like two spread fingers supporting the tabletop - it almost seems to float.

The top and bottom cupboards have high-gloss coated fronts, pullouts integrated on one side, and drawers in the kitchen area. The lighted glass vitrine with a wine cooler can be seen from the open parlor. The countertop is made from black, hammered granite. There is space for appliances behind the island that connects directly to a countertop with a small, recessed sink where you can prepare salads and vegetables. The grip rails of the top cupboards are integrated into the lateral walls of the corpus. And the lighted back wall made from plexiglass stands out with its bamboo grass sealed on the inside. This gives the entire living ambiance a touch of nature’s best. Carefully planned, selected, and implemented details, e.g. how the line of the bar follows the line of the table make the perfect fusion of design, material, and accessories noticeable.

Podium concept

Podium is always on the lookout for the ideal room concept to reflect the personal taste of the occupants of these spaces one-toone and implements architectural plans to measure.

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