Love&Nature apartment

apartment +360 m2

Luxury apartment: A floor with view lake view, 360 m², walnut, oak, and countertops with black onyx, and a characteristic style that combines the natural Sahara color throughout the house with matt surfaces.

Whether in the kitchen, storage space, guest room, office, or bathroom, the color concept runs through all of the rooms. Traditional craftsmanship and design: every detail has been worked out meticulously. The house becomes a refuge and lives up to its expectations. This is an all-encompassing solution where everything is carved from the same wood, was planned and defined by the homeowner’s architect, and then manufactured by Podium. 

Custom furniture projects

Podium has always dealt with custom furniture projects by focusing on combining technical with functional precision, innovation of forms with space innovation, in order to produce not only equipment and furniture but new conceptions of environments where to cook and live.

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