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Technology and design

Office area Exclusive concept to combine technology and design

Intelligent solutions that make you feel comfortable at work and at home. Naturally warm, ecological materials. Whoever said that a one-room apartment, a small apartment, a loft, or even an office cannot be designed as comfortably as any larger house?

The key is the optimal use of the living space by using furniture that is specially designed and created for this purpose. Podium Industries manufactures special kitchen installations and furniture to maximize the available space and to make the same environment usable at different times of the day for multiple purposes. The wardrobe hides the custom-made miniature kitchen intended to welcome the office team or to greet guests with some water or juice at the reception. However, the kitchen can also be used to integrate a full setup, has a sink area, dishwasher, and refrigerator as well as a wall unit for dishes and glasses.

A motivating and inspiring project

Here, meetings become moments of joy while working together. In today’s globally connected world, meetings can also be held via cell phones, just like in this Podium live project. The desire to be able to surprise oneself is the main focus here. Meetings can also take place in a private setting.

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Conference rooms are representative spaces that help to make the working environment more appealing

Every day, the conference room turns into a stage for discussions and meetings. It also turns into a living area that makes it possible to bring together ideas and visions. For the employees, this work environment is a 360° experience where they do not sit at their desks all day. The meeting room should be inviting while promoting an exchange of ideas and opinions. The entire room thus contributes to creating the right atmosphere. This oval table shape is perfectly suited for a rectangular room. The design of the meeting room is extremely important since it shows how we work and also our work environment.