Mini apartment 32 m2

Exclusive concept for using the available space

A studio apartment decorated in Podium live style, where the interior design solutions are variably built with cupboards and shelf walls to make the best use of the space. Every convenience of living is well-defined here across 32 m². Through an ideal use of space, all needs are taken into account: cooking and sleeping, living and relaxing.

Useful room division with furniture. This allows us to gain space in a studio apartment of just 32 m². You need to take into consideration important factors when you decide to go with this type of interior design. Initially, the overall dimensions of the room need to be determined. Separating a small room can be effective, but every space has its limits. Interior designers must plan intelligently. It is better to choose fewer material types to achieve smooth transitions. Lighting is another key element. Designers who want to split a room into two areas often only have one window available. This requires cabinetry flooded with light and transparency.

The children’s bed has drawers

It will later turn into an actual bed and grow along with the child, so-to-speak. The pullout element turns into a nightstand for lots of items and clothes with two small bookshelves. The frame turns into a desk. The protective netting can be used as a clothes hanger when stood up. Every installation is integrated and has its fixed, concrete location.

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