The uniqueness of the project

Apartment +64 m2

A well-designed layout makes it possible to make more from less. This living concept is surprising: a shared yet separate day and night area with a large, open kitchen and a separator wall of storage space furniture that makes it possible to separate the functional areas. Two large verandas, which can be fully utilized, give the small apartment a sense of breadth and an opening to the outside, making it appear larger.

It is said that the entrance defines the house. After all, it gives guests an initial impression of how life is lived in the house. The entrance area affords hosts an opportunity to welcome their guests in style. An inviting design shows on the one hand the personal touch of the residents and on the other hand makes sure that guests feel comfortable as soon as they enter. Stress and tension stay outside. You can easily store everything you need conveniently here: shoes, coats, umbrellas, dog leashes, keys, briefcases, backpacks, sports equipment such as skateboards, electric scooters, or a folding bike.

The perfect home-office

This living project offers space for everything, even a custom miniature office found behind the sliding door of the wardrobe: the perfect home-based office.

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